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Travelling in China

China is a very big country with many interesting sights. But China is compared to Europe or the USA not very developed. Exceptions are big cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. The infrastructure is not on the same level as in Europe or the USA. And the big cities are quite far away from each other. You often can hear about Chinese whom travel through Europe in one week. That’s just possible because of the good infrastructure. To do the same in China is more strenuous and stressful. It is better to stay in one area and discover it very well. That avoids strenuous and stressful holidays.

China is a country full of people. The big cities are very crowded. Also the buss and the trains. It is possible to travel from one big city to the other in trains with bedrooms. That takes very long, but you can gain an insight in the Chinese landscape. It is also very cheap. The economy class has 6 beds, 3 on each side. The first class offers more comfort. There are 2 beds on each side.

It is often used to take the cap. That is very comfortable and compared with Europe and the USA very cheap. The starting price for a cap is 10 Yuan. That is one Euro. One kilometer costs 30 Cents.

The fastest way to travel in China is the plane. Compared to the new discounter, like Ryanair, is it expensive. But it is affordable.

In bigger cities the people, above all the young, do speak English. But the old generations and the poor people can not speak English. Also many cap drivers do not speak English. That is often indecorously. The west of China is still very undeveloped. Except Chongqing, the people have not had lots of approaching to western people. Only few western companies resided here. So only few foreigner coming across.


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