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China Today

China, (People’s Republic of China) is the third largest country, after Canada and Russia, in the world. The border stretches over 22000 kilometers on land and the coastline over 18000 kilometers. The largest island is Taiwan with an area of around 36000 square kilometers.

China is going to become a global player in the world. It has all the basic conditions needed for this position. With the highest population in the world with around 1,265.83 million (2001), about 22 percent of the world's total. China also has the highest number of customers in the world. China offers companies low taxes and loans which is mostly the secret of the success. More and more companies migrate to China. Since 1985 China has the highest increase of the economy in the world. The average increase is 10 per cent each year. China offers big chances for people all over the world.

The mind of Chinese has had a big change since the opening politics. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hong Kong are well known in the world. Mostly citizens of these cities, but not only, do have a free mind and a good understanding to foreigners. The backcountry is still closed. But every day the picture of China is changing.

Skyscrapers are spreading out everywhere. The features of the cities are changing year for year. The nights are dead. Lights let shine the cities powerful. The nightlife is enormous. These cities do never sleep.

China shows with projects like the three gorges project and china’s first manned space flight that it is going to play with the big nations.


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