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Display and Printing Problems of Chinese Characters



Property of the code in the web browser

If the Chinese characters can not be recognised,



or the Chinese characters make no sense,



is the wrong code justified.

In the first case the wrong code is justified, here “west europe” instead simplified Chinese (GB2312) and in the second case, traditional Chinese (BIG5) is justified instead simplified Chinese.

Solution: Properties of the code in the web browser, in the menu display of the web browser (Internet Explorer) choose the menu item coding and change the language.


Converting of number to Chinese characters

Sometimes it happens that eMails or messages in forums only display numbers:

or :
     #39321; #33777; #35848; #35799;

If that happens, something went wrong during the creation or submit. The message nevertheless can be re-established.

  1. open a text editor, recommend Windows Notepad
  2. copy and paste the text
  3. in the second case the &-signs also missing, therefore you also have to insert with search and replace –function all “#” through “&#”. The correct code always consist of the signs “&” and “#”, 5 numbers and “;” at the end.
  4. save the text in notepad as data file. As data file ending choose .htm or .html and not choose as text data (*.txt), but as “all files” (*.*)”.
  5. the saved data file open with the browser, e.g. Internet Explorer.

Now you can see instead the number the Chinese characters.


Wrong font

It can happen that instead the Chinese characters only squares appear or nonsense characters in the text processing program, e.g. Word. That happens if you copy Chinese text over the clipboard or if you load documents which are created on other computers, reasons are the wrong font. Because, the font on the other computer is not available on the one using. In this case the whole text is selected (often with Strg+A) and a matching font is selected.


Chinese as standard property

Partly Chinese programs, as e.g. QQ, show senseless characters, despite installed software.

There are also some problems with files with Chinese file names. The files names are right displayed in the explorer, but if you want start the software with double click, an error message occurs. File names often also can not be extracted out of ZIP-files.

All of these problems can not be solved in the software directly, but in a property of Windows. Only possible with Windows 2000.

You go to Start/Properties/System Control/Country Properties. There you click on standard commit, in the now opening window you choose between Chinese (PRC) or (Taiwan), depending on whether you want work with simplified or traditional characters.


Bad graphic and printer error

Problem: Single characters are not displayed or grey/black squares are printed.

Solution: Install of a new graphic or printing driver.


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