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Yin and Yang

Everything in the world has a counterpart and our life is reigned of these two oppositional powers of sky and earth, of man and woman, which are described as Yin and Yang. These two parts are not ruling out each other, in truth one needs the other. Without night can not be day, without cold can not be heat and without the inside no outside.

Heraklit, a philosopher from Greece wrote already 500 b.C.: »The same and identical is living and dead and awaking and sleeping and young and old; one will change to the other and the other will change to one.«

These two oppositional qualities of live are pictured as two clenching fishes(see picture). Together they are representing the Tao - the »Way« - the principle for the harmony between heaven and earth. The Tao, the indefinable entirety or the emptiness bringing up the polarity in yin and yang. The Five Elements, the Octagon and everything else is developed out of this. The philosophy of Feng Shui goes out of the assumption that the Tao never goes, even if it adopts to different forms, every single thing is in connection with the whole.



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