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The Bagua

Nine fields are symbolising your destiny.

The Bagua rest upon the octagon. It symbolise

In the opinion of the ancient Chinese are these the basic eight elements of our universe. Every element is a combination of three straight or fractionally lines. These lines are symbolising all aspects of nature: Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Mountain, Lake, Wind and Thunder. Everything can be described of one of the eight symbols, all physically materials, all elements, all emotions and all thoughts.

These eight aspects are represented in the Bagua. They are adjusted around the centre. All together are nine fields. This raster can be put on the draft of the home. With this you are splitting your home in nine energy fields, which symbolise different parts of your life.

With this you can gain attainments about yourself and your destiny. Every field symbolising a topic of the life: Carrier, Knowledge, Family, Opulence, Fame, Relationship, Children, helpful Friends and Vitality (Tai Chi).

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