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Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Literally translated means »Wind and Water«. These two powerful nature resources symbolise the energy, which impact on the landscape and human. The knowledge of Feng Shui was ever be used to find building land which brought felicity to the people and to build the house at the right place and with the right interior design.

In the history you can see that people all over the world adopted much experience about the impact of the living environment. According to the climate, composition of the ground and landscape were architectural styles developed, because the human wanted to live in harmony with their nature. Considerations about the orientation of the building, the location of the entries, windows and rooms were made. Even the style of the roof, the size of the rooms and the right usage, the powerful position of the kitchen and the location of the sleeping room played a role.

Feng Shui developed out of existing laws of nature. It shows, how you can make an place of happiness and regeneration, vitality and success. In the past first used of big western companies.


The principle of the Energy

Everything surrounding us is Energy. The Energy, which let mountains come into existence, which let flowers beam and look colourful, which holds the rivers in movement, which let exist whole universes and which let a bee fly. In China, this unique life power is called »Chi«.

Energy wants flow free. In the home Chi mainly comes in through the doors and the windows, and also leaves the same way. Chi should flow through the home like an river in the nature.

The opposite of Chi is »Sha-Energy«. Main generator of Sha-Energy are edges and long straight paths, e.g. roof-edges, roof ridges, streets, canals, pipes, tracks, bridges, long hallways.

To improve your Feng Shui you can use many different aids like lights, colours, wind chimes or selected pictures. But also through guiding of the energy flow you can improve it. Frequently areas are not connected to the energy flow. Removing of the furniture can help here. The better the energy is able to reach every part of the room the better the Chi is.

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