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Go Abroad: China

The best way to get an impression about China is to go to China. Whether to make holiday, work or study, there are many possibilities to discover China. China is compared to developed countries quite cheap. The cost of living is ten times cheaper. Here are some links to help you to find your way to China:


If you want go to China to learn Chinese you should have a look to this site: www.worldlinkedu.com


The price for hotels and the flights in China are on the same level like developed countries. But the food and the drinks in the hotels are often to expensive. Better you try to find a supermarket to buy your things there. For example: A can of coke costs in the hotel often up to ten times more.


China employs since the late 70s foreigner to aid it’s modernisation program. Most of these have been in academic institutions, but more and more are employed in other fields too, for example in trade and joint ventures. It is estimated that 450 million people study English in China. So there are plenty of opportunities for foreigner. It is estimated that 600000 foreigner now living in China.


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