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Culture & Tradition

No other culture in the world deviates so far from the generic picture of life like China. It is often difficult to understand their way of life. It is even often claimed that their way of life is inefficient or stupid. Today’s way of life developed out of the long history and the gravity problems of the past. China is not to identify with other nations. Many nations adopt to each other or go on the same pathway. In China the basic conditions are very different from the rest of the world. There are several problems like the population, the food support, the long history of the country, the politics and the traditions, which have a big encroachment in China’s peoples life. For example, it is with the utmost importance to keep their reputations on the best level. Above all to the friends, business partners and the neighbours. A bad reputation can break the living standard.

The Chinese flag shows four small stars and a big one. This is to interpret like followed: the four stars symbolise the people. Each star shows a different kind of group of the people. The lowest group are the farmers. The second group after the farmers are the workers. The third group are the business man and the people who work for the government. The highest group are the politicians. The big star symbolises the government. The higher group you are the better reputation you got, which also means you are more powerful and rich.


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