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A collection of links about China: Economy, Travel, Language, Culture, Politics, etc.
China today
Chinese Cities (Shanghai, HongKong, Peking/Beijing, Chongqing...); Countrieside and Climate; Numbers and Figures
Old Knowledge
Feng Shui; the Bagua; Yin & Yang; Astrology; the 12 Zodiacs; Myths...
Everything about the Chinese Language; Origin of the language, as well as dictionaries, online translastion, chinese articles, pronunciation, etc.
Maps, top10 sights, the infrastructure of the country, as well as three ways (plane, train, ship) to travel to china
China A-Z
China in summarize. Especially, important news for travelling
A list of interesting chinese literature, as well as textbooks for the language, old konwledge (FengShui, the Bagua, Yin & Yang, etc.) and much more...
An Introduction to the Chinese History, a timetable, the first emperor of China: QinXinHuangDi.
Here you find help with problems about chinese articles on the computer, and chinese writing-software.
Chinese NewYear, a glance into the manners/behaviour and the traditional chinese marriage.
Studying and Teaching in China
Photos from China; maps, landscape, cities, sights, etc.
Economy & Trade
Chinese Economy, Trade (Import and Export of products), and business contacts to China.
China Quiz
15 questions with which you can test your own knowledge about China!
Questions, problems, help, etc.


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